Ted Hayden is an accomplished filmmaker who studied film at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. At CCA, Ted received a Bachelors in Fine Arts and took classes with director Mark Andrews of Pixar, and Oscar-winning director Rob Epstein of Telling Pictures.  

In the early part of his career, Ted worked on projects as a multifaceted crew member with Absolutely Productions, Sandwich Video and ABC Studios. As a director, Ted has worked with a diverse selection of clients including Hilton Worldwide, WeChat and Jawbone. In 2015 he worked as a cinematographer and editor at IGN Entertainment and WIRED. In 2017 Ted worked at Snapchat and Spotify as an editor. At Spotify, Ted worked with a diverse selection of directors on documentaries that played on the platforms highlighted video playlists. In 2018 he worked with Direct TV to cut together a 30 minute behind the scenes documentary revolving around Jennifer Lopez called "Road to Super Saturday Night". Ted currently works as a freelance commercial director and editor in Los Angeles California.